YAMASHIN is committed to
protecting the environment

YAMASHIN corporate motto is "Rokaji ni Tsukafuru" (contributing to society through filtration).

Protecting the environment is part of that global commitment to society.
We also strive to develop environmentally friendly products and reduce environmental impact at our facilities."

Environmentally Friendly Filters

With growing needs to reduce waste, YAMASHIN is committed to developing non-metallic, more environmentally friendly filters reducing the amount of waste going into landfills. These filters are used today by the world's leading OEMs of construction and mining machinery.

Meeting and Exceeding Global Emissions Regulations

Increasingly strict exhaust emission requirements on on-highway/off-highway equipment has driven the need for highefficiency fuel filters. In order to meet this market need, YAMASHIN has developed a complete line of fuel filter products and are in use today by the world's leading manufacturers of construction machinery.